Additive Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches

Additive Masterbatches add value to plastic production processes and provide qualification to the end product. Sonali Group produces a vide range of additives for various plastic processes and applications.

UV Masterbatches

UV Masterbatches are properly dispersed in carrier polymers. These Masterbatches increases the working life of moulded and extruded product, when exposed to sunlight. It also offers weather ability to moulded items for outdoor applications like Automobile components, Irrigation Pipes, Crates, Films & Raffia Tapes etc

Antioxidant Masterbatches

Antioxidant Masterbatches delays the corruption of polymer’s structure and appearance by the effect of OXYGEN and reduces the carbon formation. Recommended for Blown Film, Blow and Injection Moulding, Extrusion, Mono & Multi Filament, Woven Sack.

Polymer Processing Aid Masterbatches (PPA)

PPA provides enery saving and surface smoothness by creating effect on the surface of machinery while proessing the polymer. Recommended for Blown Film, fibre, extrusion & injection moulding.

Slip Masterbatches

Slip Masterbatches reduces coefficient of friction between the layers of the film and other surfaces which are in contact with the film. It ensures superior handling properties in automotive packaging application and also doesn't affect the sealing and printing properties. These are mainly used in Mono/Multilayer films etc.

Optical Brightners

Optical Brightners provide brightness and whiteness when the whitenessof plastic is not sufficient enough. Recommended for Blown Film, Injection & Blow Moulding, Raffia.

Dessicant Masterbatches

Dessicant Masterbatches avoids the moisture issue and dramatically absorb the moisture from plastic during extrusion process. Recommended for Blown Film, Injection moulding, Compounding.

Antistatic Masterbatches

Antistatic Masterbatches avoids the static electricity storage on the surface of plastic. Recommended for injection Moulding, Blown & Cast Film.

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