Color Masterbatches

Color Masterbatches

Sonali is one of the most experienced producer and has wide range of colored concentrates to be used in different plastic processing techniques/applications. These masterbatches are produced with maximum loading of high performance pigments.Client can select from our wide range of colors or can give us any shade including pantone shade. We can also develop as per your requirement. The color Masterbatches come with properties as high migration resistance, high light fastness, unmatched dispersion and find a wide use in LDPE, LLDPE, HDPE, PP, GPPS, HIPS, ABS, TPE and TPO applications.

Manufacturing these color Masterbatches with quality raw materials and pigments provides superior functions such as high thermal stability, color consistency in every lot, Food Contact Application and excellent light fastness. Uniformly dispersed pigments concentrates ensures quality and performance.
We offer more than 10000 shades


  • FILM & TAPES carrier, garbage bags, woven bags, strapping bands, Extrusion Coating.
  • BLOW MOULDING bottles for cosmetics, detergents, lubricants,containers, jerry cans.
  • INJECTION MOULDING household items, industrial mouldings, bottle caps, furniture, pots
  • EXTRUSION pipe, profiles, sheets, thermoforming.
  • WIRES & CABLES power and telecommunication cable insulation and sheathing.
  • Moulded Furniture
  • Rotational Moulding

White Masterbatches

SONALI White Masterbatch is developed with ultrafine and ultrawhite TiO2 to provide better brightness and more whiteness to the product. SONALI White Masterbatch provides opacity and can be used with PE as well as PP.
Range of White Masterbatches are available with Titanium dioxide Loading of 20% to 75%..

The quality of white Masterbatches depends on the characteristics of the TitaniumDioxide used in the production phase. Furthermore, the ratio of TitaniumDioxide within the Masterbatch, or its “concentration” is also of utmost importance.

White Masterbatches with plain, standard white tones are usually used in the packaging industry and “disposable” products. Masterbatches used for Film Packaging, Blow Moulding Packaging, Thermoform Packaging, etc. are usually marketed with descriptions indicating “50%”, “70%” concentration.

White Masterbatches used during the processing of Technical Plastics must possess high heat stabilization values. Furthermore, due to the fact that products manufactured using Technical Plastics are Consumer Durables, UV resistance of the White Masterbatches used during their production is also very important. In such products where appearance is valued, various different tones of White Masterbatches are used instead of plain white.

For Years, SONALI has been engaged in the production of White Masterbatches without compromising its quality oriented approach.


  • Thick and thin walled applications for injection, blow and extrusion Moulding.
  • Monolayer and Multilayer films
  • Food contact applications
  • Weather resistant applications
  • High- speed machines
  • High temperatures applications
  • Non Woven Fabrics
  • Bottles, Caps, Water Tanks, disposable cups, Paint Containers etc

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