We Provide Service Since 2005

At Sonali Group there is a commitment to provide innovative products and services that meet global standards, and bring total satisfaction and considerable value to customers.  Based on our extensive interaction with the industry, we offer a wide range of grades for diverse applications across packaging, housing, furniture and consumer durables.  Superior technologies, strong focus on R&D, latest IT- enabled services to support supply chain management and the end-to-end solutions offered across the value chain reinforce our commitment to customer satisfaction.


Boasting an in-depth know-how and experience in each of its fields of operation, Sonali utilizes this huge background at every single step of the manufacturing process.
While serving to distinct core industries such as packaging, greenhouse and agriculture white goods, automotive, furniture and construction, the company maintain a constant focus on quality and to achieve that we always use high quality raw materials from reputed companies and import the best quality of calcium carbonate available in the world.
Manufacturing in its equipped with state-of-the-art machines and equipment, Sonali has achieved to upgrade its Masterbatch manufacturing capacity to 10000 tons/year and Filler Masterbatch capacity to 40000 tons/year soon in partnership with broad R&D, technical taskforce, and sales and marketing network.
The manufacturing process relies upon both Single-Screw and Twin-Screw extruders running on the gravimetric feed system.

Research & Development

The in-house R&D department stands as a major sources for developing innovative products qualified to meet market and customer demands. Laying its focal emphasis on customer satisfaction, the company maintains its customer orientation after manufacturing as well.

Every time keeping one step ahead, Sonali advances in parallel to the flourishing technology and adds value to its customers through innovation, thrill of the very first day and involvement of all departments.
Various labs equipments includes Two Roll, Jelly Mate, Blown Film, Injection Moulding, Melt Flow Index, Filter Index, Ash Content, POY Plant etc.

Our Main Services Overview

Customized Products

We offer our customers with an option to request for customized products, Provide us with the sample and we will get back to you the product that would match your requirements.

Customer Support

Customer satisfaction is the top priority for us here at Sonali Group, Feel free to contact us for any sort of information or query using our contact form. We will try to respond at the earliest.

Advanced Technology

Our engineers are provided with the advanced testing equipments and technology so that we can meet our client's requirments.

Quality Control

Providing the best quality using the raw materials imported from around the world and consistency is what we believe in here at Sonali Group, so that you always get the best.