Desiccant Masterbatch

Desiccant masterbatch is non–toxic, non contamination and no influence to property for plastic products. It offers a simple and cost effective solution to solve moisture problems.

Desiccant masterbatch can counter problems which develop during the processing of plastics due to the presence of moisture. Moisture can be present in raw materials such as hygroscopic polymers, fillers and pigments. Reclaimed and recycled polymers can also have high moisture content. When processing polymer with high moisture content the polymer can become porous and show voids in moulded articles or extruded sheets. In film applications the high moisture content can lead to Lansing and film bubble breakage.

Desiccant masterbatch chemically binds moisture during processing and allows higher levels of reclaim or recycled polymer to be used; addition of higher filler levels; and can reduce the need for pre-drying in many applications. In the process of molding, desiccant masterbatches can strongly absorb the moisture in the plastic raw materials or other related plastic materials additives. It can increase product quality and the rate of finished products, improve productivity and reduce energy consumption.


  • For HDPE, LDPE, PP Blowing Film, high end bags
  • For Recycled products
  • Injection Molding Products

Key Advantages

  • Cost reduction
  • Improves surface GLOSS
  • Increases STRENGTH
  • Increases rate of production
  • Homogenizes scraps of different rate flow
# Product Grade Applications
Dessicant Masterbatch
Molding , Tarpaulin
Dessicant Masterbatch
ADDM 111
Monolayer film , Mulch film
Dessicant Masterbatch
ADDM 131
Mulch film , Monolayer film
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