Flame Retardant

Flame Retardants Contribute Directly to the Saving of Lives. Flame retardants (FR) are chemical compounds added with an objective to inhibit/retard the ignition/burning of the plastic.

To prevent combustion, it becomes necessary to design a thermally stable polymer that has a lesser probability of decomposing into combustible gases under heat stress.

However, thermally stable polymers may exhibit performance limitations and are often too expensive and difficult to process. Therefore, we offer various flame retardants to impart flame retardancy to a plastic.

There are several chemical classes of flame retardants used with polymers, such as halogenated compounds, organophosphorus, melamines, metal hydroxides, etc. Apart from these chemical classes, there are other flame retardants that can be incorporated into a polymer.

Depending on the polymer and the fire safety test, flame retardants interfere into one or several stages of the combustion process: heating, decomposition, ignition, flame spread, smoke process. It also breaks the combustion cycle.

Plastics containing flame retardants are found in homes, office buildings, cars and mass-transit vehicles, furnishings, fibres, household appliances, and many other applications. In general, their use is mandated by regulations in building codes or industry specific standards.


  • Electrical/Electronics and appliances
  • Wiring and cables (low and medium voltage) Cable jacketing
  • Power cables, Connectors, Public facilities seats (Stadium)
  • PP fibres (carpets, seats)
  • Building and construction (Roofing, wall Sheeting) and refrigeration.
  • Locomotive interior
  • Banner Films
  • Tent Material
  • Stadium seating
  • Mattress cover
  • Conduit for tunnels

In order to increase the escape time of persons, the role of these additives is to:

  • Slow down polymer combustion and degradation (fire extinction)
  • Reduce smoke emission
  • Avoid dripping
# Product Grade Applications
Fire retardant Masterbatch FR/PP/1 Wire cables , Injection Molding
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