Light diffuser

Light diffusion additives are used to eliminate the uncomfortable glare that can occur when direct sunlight comes through a clear PC, PMMA or any type of clear polymer cover.

Having developed, improved and built a database of unique light diffuser MB's and compounds, Sonali offers products that maximize light transmission while providing high quality of light diffusion.

These range of products are requested when it is necessary to utilize the energy to the maximum, like in lighting applications. For Polycarbonate & PMMA applications. The Light diffusers range also includes products for PET-G, SAN, PS and transparent ABS.

Sonali offer high concentrated light diffuser MB’s mainly for extrusion applications (sheets & profiles) with all the economic and logistic advantages involved in using masterbatch, or ready compound, mainly for injection molding applications where the pre-dispersion of the additive is critical in order to achieve optically uniform product.