Optical Brightener

Optical brighteners, also known as fluorescent whitening agents, are additives that alter the visual properties of polymers. Optical brighteners have been used for many years to improve the colour of various plastics. They are able to mask inherent yellowness in discoloured polymers or impart unique, robust colour to speciality plastic products.These agents function on the basis of the ‘fluorescence effect’; they absorb light in the UV spectrum and emit light in the blue region of the visible spectrum to yield a brighter and fresher appearance to the plastic.

Bis-benzoxazolyl-stilbene and bis-benzoxazolyl-thiophene are the two main optical brighteners that are often used for thermoplastics.

Whitening agents / optical brighteners find uses in engineering plastics like thermoplastic polyurethanes,polyvinyl chlorides (PVC),styrene homo- and copolymers and polyolefins among others.

# Product Grade Applications
Optical Brightner Masterbatch
OB PE1026 Raffia , Film
Optical Brightner Masterbatch
OB PE1036
Blow Tank , Injection Molding , Roto Molding
Optical Brightner Masterbatch
Raffia , Film , Thermoformimg
Optical Brightner Masterbatch
PP P1016
PP based Pipe , molding
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