Nucleating & Clarifying Agent


Nucleating agents are substances highly effective in reducing the crystallization temperature of these polymers and enabling lower processing temperatures, saving energy and reducing cycle times and production costs. The additive master-batch may be used to increase the transparency in Molded products.

The properties of articles made of semi-crystalline polymers like e.g PP, PBT or PET strongly depend on processing parameters. The cooling rate during extrusion or injection molding can change the crystallization speed of such polymers enormously and therefore influence the stiffness or clarity of the final article.

Key Advantages

  • It gives faster controlled crystallization of the polymer in the tool in injection molded parts.
  • It results in highly stable processing with minimized sagging and less plate-out.
  • Cycle times in injection molding are reduced.
  • It increases Mechanical properties like strength, heat distortion and hardness etc. It improves clarity and transmittance.
  • It is used for optimizing the optical properties.
  • It is highly effective in reducing the crystallization temperature of the polymers.


Clarifying masterbatch is important in the plastic industry for lowering the haze and increasing the transparency of the injection molded items. These masterbatches are composed of superior quality nucleating agents and specialty organic additives dispersed in polyolefin carrier resin. Effective in LDPE and PP polymers, this type of masterbatch creates a large number of nucleation sites. These masterbatches remarkably lower down the cycle time of the molding process along with increasing the dimensional stability of the product.

Depending on their chemistry some nucleating agents are referred to as clarifiers. Their main effect is an increase in crystallization homogeneity resulting in improved clarity and gloss. For example injection molded PP-household containers and cups are a typical application for nucleating agents used as clarifiers.



  • Reduces haze in injection molded items
  • Increases the transparency
  • Improves the dimensional stability
  • Lowers the cycle time for moulding process


  • Injection molded items
  • LDPE and PP polymers